1K Daily System Review Plus Epic Bonus Bundle

The 1K Daily System is a product by Glynn Kosky. In this 1K Daily System review I will be giving you a brief overview of what the system does, and I will also mention the bonuses that you will receive if you purchase the 1K Daily System through my link.


What Is It All About?


The 1K Daily System is all about creating sales funnels that will help you in selling high ticket items, which of course leads to bigger commissions than selling lower ticket items. There are several done for you campaigns included in the system which makes it very easy to get started, plus you also have the option of creating funnels for other high ticket products that you come across on your own.


With each campaign there is an opt in page that will give people the opportunity to register for a free training webinar. Once the person opts in on the opt in page, they will get redirected to the webinar page where they can watch the free webinar. There is a button under the webinar that you can configure with your affiliate link that leads to the sales page of the high ticket product that the webinar is promoting. If someone decides to make a purchase of that high ticket product the commissions will go to you.


Some Other Cool Features


Another feature of the 1K Daily System is that you have the option to give away bonuses to people who watch the webinar in full. If someone tries to exit the webinar page before the end of the webinar, a pop up will come up saying “if you stay till the end of the webinar you get the following bonuses”.


When setting up the campaign you have the option of selecting the bonuses for those people who end up watching the entire webinar. There are several bonuses included within the software that you can choose from.


Once a person watches the entire webinar they will get directed to the download page where they can then download their free gifts that you have selected for them. Offering bonuses to those who watch the entire webinar boosts your conversion rate. This is because the sales pitch for the high ticket item is usually at the end of the webinar. If a person watches the whole webinar it makes it more likely that they will make a purchase.


There are some other cool features of the system which include things like social proof pop ups, exit pop ups, and auto social media posting, just to name a few. These features are designed to help you boost your conversions and get more eyeballs on your offers. There isĀ  full training provided of all of these extra features in the members area, so you will have no problem figuring out how all the features work and how to make the best use of them.


Pros and Cons


The things I like about the 1K Daily System is the fact that everything is cloud based and self hosted, this means that you don’t need to have your own website or hosting in order to make this work. One thing that is kind of a drawback is that the URLs for the pages that are generated by the software look like affiliate links.


This could be a problem if you try to promote these links anyplace where affiliate links are not allowed, but you could get around that by using like a link cloaker or a link shortener. Also, If you have your own website you do have the the ability to download these pages and upload them onto your server in order to host them through your website. This is another way of getting around the the affiliate link problem.


If you were to purchase the 1K Daily System through the link that at the end of this post you will also receive the following bonuses:

  1. All Vendor Bonuses
  2. Mega Course Bundle
  3. Mega Traffic Bundle
  4. Mega Software Bundle
  5. Affiliate Marketing Tips
  6. 10K Case Study
  7. Lazy Profit Explosion
  8. Effortless Facebook Profits
  9. Fastest Way To $100 A Day
  10. 10 Ways To Get Traffic

For more information on the bonuses check out my bonus page HERE.




I believe that the 1K Daily System is worth the purchase. Not only can it help you build your list but it can also help you to bank some big commissions. This system is great for newbies as there are no additional tool necessary in order to make the system work.


Check Out 1K Daily System Here